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A Dots Space Franchisee comes with the opportunity to earn multiple income and revenue streams. You will have the ability to offer exclusive digital and community memberships to meet the needs of the professionals in your area. Clients can choose from dedicated private offices, shared office spaces, indoor and outdoor meeting rooms. Event spaces and premium IT services are also available on an as-required basis. Moreover, franchisees can offer virtual mailbox services, making their facility a true one-stop-shop for all of their clients’ needs. These are just a few examples of the many ways Dots Space franchisees generate multiple revenue streams into their business.



Freelancers are a growing demographic of professionals who need flexible workspaces. The number of freelancers in the United States is expanding massively, with a growth rate three times faster than the overall workforce. By 2027, as indicated by studies, freelancers will make up 50% or more of the total workforce.

Dots Space franchises offer plans that are flexible and can be adjusted depending on what services our clients exactly need at a specific time. Members can rent a private office or a shared workspace for a few days or a few weeks or for a number of years for an affordable rate as suitable for their requirements. The flexibility and cost advantage make Dots Space easily a perfect choice for freelancers who need a workspace that fits their budget.


A skyrocketing growth in the number of freelancers is directly leading to the growth of the coworking space industry. A decade back, facilities offered by a coworking space were unknown, but now the industry experts predict that there will be at least 30,000 coworking spaces and more than 5 million members by 2022-2023! Statistically the number of professionals who use coworking spaces is increasing at a rate of approximately 24% per year. An estimation shows that by 2030, coworking spaces will make up approximately 30% of the U.S. office space market – a huge leap from its current standing at 5%. As an instance, there is a potential demand for 20 or more Dots Space facilities only in the CA area! The rapid growth ensures the need for a coworking space in your area.

Why Choose Dots Space
for Private & Shared Office Space Franchise

A Dots Space franchise offers facilities that were unthinkable even 10 years ago.


Our workspaces are upscale in design giving them a look and feel unlike any other coworking space. The beautiful and modern furnishings provide comfort that inspires creativity.


Dots Space facilities are equipped with the latest technology, including new generation indoor and outdoor meeting rooms that are fully-integrated with the latest in video conferencing hardware.


Each Dots Space franchise is staffed with experienced and knowledgeable experts who are available round the clock to help members with their every need. Whether they need quick access to a printer or need to arrange an important meeting, Dots Space administration is there to help their business run smoothly.


Flexibility is the essence of every Dots Space franchise. We understand that all of our members do not work during regular business hours, so we have made it possible for them to work on their own schedule with 24 hours access to our coworking franchise facilities.


Corporate Management

Property Investors

Retails Space Anchor

Free Standing Building




The need for coworking spaces is rapidly increasing and so is improving the value of an office franchise opportunity. Reports show that by 2027, at least half of the American workforce will be freelancers. An office space franchise allows those individuals to finally settle into a modern, cosy and high-tech work environment. Apart from working from home, freelancers and also other professionals, as research indicates, wish having a workspace outside of their home. As a result, the number of coworking spaces around the world doubled between 2015 and 2018, and this growth continues.

Businesses clearly understand that millennials is the workforce behind every industrial sector. This massive generation is currently contributing towards the tremendous growth in the coworking industry. The exigent facilities – modern technology and collaborative environment we offer have already made Dots Space a top choice among the millennial generation.


As a well-established franchise, Dots Space offers support and facilities hard to find anywhere else. We help our clients with essentially laying out the blueprint for how to run one a coworking space. With our proven business model and fully reliable administration, opening a turnkey Dots Space facility is an easy journey for our clients.

Our training and support are the best in the class.
Dots Space is assuredly the opportunity for business-minded individuals who are ready to embark on a new business journey.



When you select Dots Space as a franchise, you are already a leg above the competition. Our administrative team will guide you closely through the initial steps of how to start a coworking space based on both our experience.

Here are some of the steps for opening a coworking space with a seasoned industry leader.

Evaluate your Investment

A fundamental step when starting a coworking office franchise is understanding the investment. Our established cost parameters would guide you decide if the business opportunity is appropriate for you.

Identify your Location

Dots Space is looking to bring our state-of-the-art facilities to as many communities as possible. Determining the right business location is one of the most important criteria of starting a coworking space franchise and also any other business. Our team will help you developing a target market for coworking space and analyze which site suits your business goal the best.

Evaluate your Franchisor

From marketing campaigns to determining the location, defining the management strategies to day-to-day operations – Dots Space franchisor support is readily available for you. Before you start a coworking space, make sure that you have the resources needed from the team you join.

frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You are signing up for a dots membership, which comes with all the features on this page.

You will be in direct phone, sms, and email communication with our concierge.

You are notified when you receive mail, and depending on your plan, you can pick it up, wait for it to get scanned or forwarded, or ask for one time sends.

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Why is Dots Space an ideal franchise for me?

Choose Dots Space for a variety of reasons like top-notch services or a reliable support system, but the most valid reason to choose Dots Space is that our effective business model with a proven history of successful coworking spaces.

On the contrary to traditional and expensive office buildings, Dots Space offices are modern and playful with amenities like natural daylight, Scandinavian-styled furniture, office kitchenette, and pet-friendly environment. Our facilities have been designed by expert architects ensuring efficiency and comfort. Moreover, Dots Space franchises are accessible to anyone who’s looking for a flexible place to work for any time-period.

How to start a coworking space business within my budget

Starting any new business requires a weighty investment, but our helpful guidance will make your journey easy. Like you we want to open a facility that leads to success. Our shared workspaces are appropriate in urban as well as in suburban environments. The total investment starts at around $1.1 million (excluding any concessions or financing options), including our one-time initial franchise fee of $60,000.

What will my role be as the franchise owner?

Flexibility of franchising with Dots Space allows you to decide your activities and involvement. If you have questions on how to start a coworking space while still having time for yourself, your other businesses, or your family, our investment opportunity might be the best option for you. Our franchise owners may purchase one or more spaces and entrust the day-to-day operations to their professional team. It is also fine if you prefer to be more hands-on and like to be involved in daily management. In the initial stage, you can easily decide and select how much time and attention you want to invest in your new business.

Can I open multiple locations?

In a single word, YES! Moreover, if you purchase more than one location, you will enjoy significant discounts on the franchise fee. Purchasing multiple coworking spaces is a great way to maximize your investment. If you want to know how to start several shared office space franchises, our team of experts can guide you in getting multiple locations up and running simultaneously and smoothly. Also, you can grow your business from a single location into multiple locations. Whatever your goal is, Dots Space is there to help you in expanding your holdings in the coworking space industry.

Why should I buy into a franchise rather than starting my own business?

New business demand inestimable time and money establishing an efficient business model. Dots Space gives franchisees an established business model and reliable resources to their advantage.

How much do I need to invest in my Dots Space franchise location?

The exact investment will depend on several factors like size and location. However, an investor should have at least 70,000 USD to own a coworking space franchise.

Do you offer financial assistance to help me start my franchise?

We do not offer financial support directly to our franchisees, but we can connect you with third-party lenders who may be able to help. Moreover, we do offer a significant discount on our franchise fee to qualified veterans to realize their business dream!

Is there any industry experience required to start a Dots Space franchise?

The coworking spaces franchise industry is a relatively new sector. So every investor today is somewhat new to the field. Dots Space provides our franchisees with comprehensive training, so prior experience is not a mandate. The training consists of in-house training and on-the-job training in the field.

How will I keep up with industry trends if I am busy running my Dots Space location?

You have our support! Dots Space invest a significant amount of time and money into RnD (research and development) to ensure that we can keep our franchisees on top of changes and trends in our industry.

I’m interested, but not sure I’m ready to commit. What are the next steps?

Please review our webpage. We have described many aspects of the coworking space franchise business idea. If you are interested, if you have questions, please feel free to reach out to us! You can simply submit the form or give us a call or chat with us on Whatsapp. We will set up a time to meet and get to know each other better. Contact Dots Space

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