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A Single Platform. Endless Benefits.

Starting from only $11.99 every month

Why Choose Us

Affordable Service & Free Phone Numbers

Users start as low as $11.99 per month with premium and free numbers available. There’s no contract and no commitment. Compare plans now!

Local & International Numbers

Pay U.S. local rates to global landline numbers in: Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Puerto Rico, UK, USA and iNum global numbers.

Customize or Keep Your Current Number

Choose from local, toll-free, and vanity numbers. Like your current number? Bring it along! You can even save 20% when you pay annually!

Plans start as low as $11.99 per month!

Trusted by more than 50,000 Businesses

Choose the plan that’s right for you

Metered plans give you a set number of minutes to use across an unlimited number of extensions in your account, or you can also go with a plan that gives you unlimited calling for one low rate per extension. The choice is yours!



  • 500 Monthly Minutes
  • 2,000 Text Messages
  • 1 Local or Toll-Free Number
  • 40+ Standard Features



  • 500 Monthly Minutes
  • 3,000 Text Messages
  • 1 Local or Toll-Free Number
  • 40+ Standard Features
  • Premium Hold Music
  • Voicemail to Text



  • Unlimited Monthly Minutes*
  • Unlimited Text Messages
  • 1 Local or Toll-Free Number
  • 40+ Standard Features
  • Premium Hold Music
  • Voicemail to Text
  • 1 Base Video Meeting Host

Sign Up Now

Unlimited Number of Extensions

Add as many extensions
as you need.

No Contracts

No strings attached.
Cancel at any time.

Add phones to any plan

Forward calls to any device you
own or get phones from

Fully Customizable

Add or subtract features and
services anytime.

No Contracts

No strings attached.
Cancel at any time.

Unlimited Number of Extensions

Add as many extensions
as you need.

Add phones to any plan

Forward calls to any device you
own or get phones from our phone .

Fully Customizable

Add or subtract features and
services anytime.

All Plans Include

All plans include

SMS Text Messaging


Free Conference Calling



HIPAA Compliance


Fax from Phone

Voice Tagging

Video Meetings

Dial-by-name Directory

Voicemail to Email

premium features


Live Receptionist

Plans start at $90/mo

With Live Receptionist, your business can now have its very own live answering service, adding versatility, flexibility, and availability to your company no matter the size.


International Dialing

Get the best rates on international calling. From London to Sydney and everywhere in-between, Our international rates are the lowest around.

NOTE: There is a US $0.05 cents surcharge for calls from Canada to US toll-free numbers.


Call Recording


Record calls from your account or by specific phone numbers. Recorded calls are stored in your account and can be reviewed and managed online. Included for Pro users.


Additional Minute Bundles

High volume user? Add minutes to your basic user account to avoid overage charges or switch to a Plus or Pro plan that includes unlimited minutes. Minute bundles are shared across all your users.


IP Phone Connection

$4.99/mo per device

Our phone service works with many types of phones- IP desk phones, analog phones, mobile phones, tablets, or any Mac or PC with the Communicator softphone. IP Phone connectivity is included for Plus and Pro users. Hardware is not included.


Global Numbers

Starting at $4.99/mo*

Give your international customers a local number to dial, forwarded directly to your account. All you'll pay is a standard U.S. local rate.

*Premium rate countries available at $14.99/mo.


Phone Numbers

$4.99/mo per device

Local, toll-free, international, and custom phone numbers. Find just the right number for your business or transfer an existing number to our system.

premium features

Live Receptionist[ Plans start at $90/mo ]

With Live Receptionist, your business can now have its very own live answering service, adding versatility, flexibility, and
availability to your company no matter the size.

The complete List of Features

Voice. Text. Video. Conferencing. Collaboration.

Your account comes with more than 50 standard features to streamline communications and help you provide outstanding customer service.
Premium features are included in the Plus and Pro plans.

See the list of features

Account Management

We haven’t forgotten you’ve got a business to run. Our user-friendly design allows you to configure and manage more than 50 features with a few simple clicks.

Address Book

Sync your contacts with your address book and call or send SMS messages directly from within your secure account. Contacts can be sorted into groups, synced to all your devices, as well as referenced in your account call handling rules.

Analog Phones

If you have analog phones, you can use them with our VoIP service. Simply connect any traditional analog telephone with our system using our Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA). These ATAs plug into your network and provide an analog input for an older desk phone with an RJ11 jack.

Audio Conferencing

Conference Calling with our phone services is a simple, affordable way to connect up to 300 participants from all over the world in HD (High Definition) Voice quality.

You’ll get an easy-to-configure conference bridge with a password-protected, dedicated number. You’re able to easily set up a conference call without having to plan ahead or use a third-party conferencing provider.

Call Analytics

Pro users will see an account-wide snapshot of caller data with new and returning call break downs. Measure your calls over time by direction, duration, and time of day to track your top performers and busiest hours. Break down your incoming and outgoing calls by extension or number, then view the information visually in one of three graph types for quick and accurate analysis.

Call Blocking

Easily block callers during a call (*9) or add them to your blocked calls list in your online account settings. Our system also lets you block outgoing calls to international destinations, and calls to Directory Assistance (411).

Call Forwarding

Call Forwarding lets you direct calls to one or many phone numbers, including your home, office, mobile or any phone worldwide. The system even allows you to forward based on Caller ID or the time of day a call comes in.

Call Handling Rules

Using Call Handling Rules, you can route incoming calls to a single destination or different destinations based on the day and time or the Caller ID of the call received.

Call Logs

View all incoming, outgoing, fax, and missed calls to your registered number(s). All calls are completely trackable and filterable to provide you with an accurate, historical account of your business phone communications.

Call Notifications

Set up your account to send a simple notification via email and/or SMS for incoming calls. Messages contain the Caller ID of the caller, the number or extension they dialed, date, time and duration of the call. Each number in your account has its own settings to configure Call Notification.

Call Recording

Call recording is included for Pro users and available for other users at just $7.99 a month. Set up and manage your call recordings in your online account settings. Simply choose between recording All Calls, All Incoming Calls, All Outbound Calls, or a Custom setup.

Call Screening

Set up call screening with an audio message that tells you which number was dialed and provides caller ID info. If you have multiple phone numbers, you'll know exactly which number your caller is trying to reach.

Call Transfer

Call transfer is an in-call feature that lets you easily transfer incoming calls from your phone to another phone number or extension. Simply press *2 to transfer a phone call and dial the number you’d like to send it to.

Call Waiting

When a second call comes in while you're on a call, you will hear a beep, indicating that a call is waiting. You can allow the call to go to voicemail or you can switch over without dropping your original call.

Caller ID

Assign personalized call handling rules for callers (based on their Caller ID) to send them to personalized messages, numbers, voicemail, and more.

Create Your Caller ID for each phone number and create your Caller ID Name that will be displayed to recipients of your outgoing calls.


Embed a little code on your website that'll give customers a quick way to contact your business by only entering their own number. The system will then make an outbound call to the customer’s phone number and connect them directly with your business.

Application Integration

For Pro users, the phone services, offered by Dots, includes an Application Integration tool to enhance business performance across all facets of your business. We offer screen pops, click-to-dial, and call tracking - all from within your browser.

Dial-by-Name Directory

A computer-generated, auto-attendant voice asks callers to enter the first or last name of the person they're trying to reach (using their dialpad), and then will read the person's name and extension to the caller. The option to record your own name is available for flexible customization.

Do Not Disturb

At the press of a button, Do Not Disturb sends calls directly to voicemail or routes them to the next call handling rule. Our IP Phones have a Do Not Disturb button or menu option, which when selected will automatically ignore an incoming call and send it to the next action in your designated call handling rules.


Our phone services provide Basic 911 coverage nationwide and E911 where available with all related adapters or IP phones. Our system must know the physical location of your adapter (ATA) or IP phone. You will be prompted to provide this information during sign up.

911 service may be disrupted by power outages or outages related to your Internet service.

NOTE: If your U.S. address information is not accurately on record, emergency services will not be able to locate you if you are unable to speak your address or are disconnected – even in areas where E911 service is available.

Expert Support

Our support isn't just there to assist when you're having a problem. Our support agents are fully trained on the The digital platform and will walk you through setting up any one of our platforms 50+ features.


With the click of a button, you can upload documents from your computer (bmp, gif, jpg, pdf, txt, doc, xls and html) and send them anywhere. Each fax has the option for a Cover page, Recipient's name, Subject of your message, Your name, Memo, and Confirmation.

Follow Me

The Call Handling Rules allow you to define your Follow Me destinations and also allow for forwarding based on the incoming Caller ID or your Schedules.


Greetings let you personalize your phone service with audio greetings, messages, music, menus, and voices by uploading your own audio files. Supported file formats for greetings include wav, mp3, and gsm.

HD Voice

HD (High Definition) Voice, also known as Wide-band Audio, extends the frequency range of sound traveling over a phone conversation, resulting in higher quality voice. This HD phone feature allows for crystal clear phone conversations. You never have to worry about missing important pieces of information again. HD Voice makes your phone conversations more enjoyable and completely stress-free.

HIPAA Compliance

We’ve partnered with the Compliancy Group, the leading HIPAA compliance solution formed by former auditors and compliance experts, to bring you a worry-free, secure business phone system in the cloud. Video conferencing is also HIPAA compliant for Plus and Pro users.

Hold Music

Select from a variety of professional, quality music tracks that play while callers are on hold or while waiting in a queue. You can also upgrade to Premium Hold Music and get hundreds of songs from popular artists.

International Calling (Rates Apply)

Pay U.S. local rates to landline numbers in: Canada, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom, USA, and iNUM global numbers. Calls to these countries are included in your phone service plan or billed at our U.S. local rates. NOTE: Our system does not connect calls to Haiti (+509), Nigeria (+234), and satellite calls (+87).

Menus (IVR)

The Menus are the initial audio greeting telling callers which key to press to reach your phones, groups, or voicemail ("Press 1 for sales..."). Set up your menu with a customized recording giving important information such as business hours, company directory, and any other important instructions.

Mobile Apps

Turn your iPhone or Android into your phone service extension. Call using your mobile carrier, 3G/4G, or WiFi. You decide. Other features include SMS, FAX, and more.

Number Porting

You love your number—we totally understand. So bring it with you. Whether it’s a local, toll-free or international number, our phone service is able to transfer (port) a number from your current carrier. Some companies use vendors that charge port-in fees, but not us.


Call Queues allow you to route incoming calls to a specific group of phone numbers or members. Queue members are rung in order from first to last, and if a member is already on a call, the next number on the list is rung. While callers are waiting to be connected, the system will play your selected Hold Music.


Schedules allow you to route incoming calls to different numbers, extensions, greetings, menus, and more based on the day and time the call is received. For example, a call received during business hours can be set to have your normal greeting while a call received after business hours can be set to have your After-Hours Greeting.

Text Messaging (SMS)

SMS Messages (text messages) sent to your phone service number can be received and displayed in your account inbox. Forwarded SMS messages will display on your cell phone just like any regular SMS.


Text-to-Greeting is a free tool that allows you to create custom audio messages voiced by a selection of over 40 automated personalities and sound effects. Enter the text to be read, select your voice, listen, and save the audio file in your account.

Video Conferencing

All users can enjoy first-class audio, video, and web conferencing that empowers communication from any device, anywhere.

Voice Tagging

Make sure you greet your customers appropriately when you answer with the help of the Voice Tag. If you have multiple menu options all ringing to the same number, Voice Tag will tell you which option was selected before you answer the call. You can respond by saying, “Thank you for calling ACME sales, how can I help you?” for example.


Dot's phone service lets you listen to voicemail messages directly in your online account, have them sent to your email address as a .mp3 file, or transcribed into text so you can read them.

Voicemail to Email

Take advantage of instant notifications wherever you receive email every time a voicemail is received through your work extension. Voicemails are included with each email as an audio attachment. Simply open, listen, and forward the message to anyone.

Voicemail Transcription

The Pro users can enjoy voicemail transcription. Have your voicemail messages transcribed automatically and sent to you via email or text message. Easily forward transcriptions to others or store them for documentation.

Expect Simple Processes

Select Your Users

We offer a choice of three different user types to meet your exact needs. Our basic user is ideal for simple business requirements and includes 300 minutes. For even more features and flexibility, check out our Plus and Pro options with unlimited minutes. Have multiple employees? Mix and match users to get the perfect service for each person.

Nab Your Number

A free local number is included for each user or you can request one of our premium, easy to remember numbers. Better yet, customize a local or toll-free number for your business. Our number engine will help you find the perfect one.

Want to keep your existing number?

No problem. We’ll give you a temporary phone number to use during the time it takes to transfer your number. Once your purchase is complete and your account is activated, we’ll send you instructions on how to expedite the transfer of your existing number.

Activate Your Account

Just give us some basic information about yourself, choose your form of payment, and you’re ready to start using your purchased mobile, web, or desktop apps. It’s easy to configure your business by adding more users and setting up call flow.

What Our Clients Say

Very good….

Customer agent that assisted me was very helpful & took care of my issue…

Benny S.

Verified Customer


Great! Great! Great!

Easy to use, versatile, capable, seamlessly move between computer and phone, and coupled with its reasonable price, you get the best value on the market.

Nick G.

Verified Customer


... has made it very easy

to have a business line. Their customer service is friendly and very accessible. Their app has so many options and services available.

Marianna S.

Verified Customer


frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions

You are signing up for a dots membership, which comes with all the features on this page.

You will be in direct phone, sms, and email communication with our concierge.

You are notified when you receive mail, and depending on your plan, you can pick it up, wait for it to get scanned or forwarded, or ask for one time sends.

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What is the definition of a “User?”

A user is anyone who can make or receive business calls using Dot's phone service. In most organizations, each employee who makes or receives calls will be a user. Good news! Adding more users might reduce your per-user rate.

How many users do I need?

Dot's phone service allows you to pick the right plan for each user, so you pay for only what you need. For example, if you are the business owner, you might want to be a Pro user to take advantage of features like call recording and video meeting transcription. However, the basic user option might be sufficient for people who work in the field and take fewer calls.

Is there a discount for multiple users?

Yes! The more users you have, the more you save.

Users Base Plus Pro
1 – 4 14.99 19.99 29.99
5 – 9 10.99 17.99 25.99
10 – 24 9.99 15.99 23.99
25+ 8.99 14.99 21.99
  user/month user/month user/month

Pay annually and save 20%.

Can I change my plan or add users after I sign up?

Yes. Once you have set up your account, you can add, change, or remove users.

What are “pooled” minutes?

Each basic user in your account will add 500 minutes to be used by any basic user in your account for inbound or outbound calling. For example, if you have 3 basic users in your account, 1,500 minutes will be available for use by any of those users. This applies only to basic users. All plus and pro users will have unlimited minutes.

What happens if I exceed the minute or text segment limits on my plan?

Calling Minutes

Basic users who use more than 500 minutes of inbound or outbound calling in one month will be charged $0.039 per minute for each additional minute.

Text (SMS & MMS) Segments

The limit for a single SMS message is 160 characters; however, most modern phones and networks segment and rebuild messages up to 1600 characters.

The text messages are billed per segment. Users of the basic plan will incur a $0.0075 fee for each text segment that exceeds 1000 and a $0.020 fee for each excess picture segment.

What taxes and fees are added to my bill?

Like others in the industry, we must bill customers under the laws and regulations set in place by tax authorities and regulatory agencies, including federal, state, and local regulators. These jurisdictions and agencies assess taxes, fees, and surcharges for telecommunications-related services and programs that solution providers, including us, are obligated to collect from customers and remit to these agencies. There are also some surcharges that telephone-related services providers are permitted, but not required to pass through to customers.

Taxes and fees that impact the telecommunications industry are frequently adjusted, based on your location, and subject to change without notice. If new or different taxes, surcharges, or fees are imposed on us, we will include those adjustments in applicable billings.

Detailed information is available on the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) website.

Am I signing up for a contract?

You have a choice in pricing options with our phone services. Depending on your business needs, you can choose between our month-to-month or annual payment options. Save 20% by paying annually, or reserve the flexibility to cancel at any time by selecting month-to-month payments.

What is included with Business Text Messages (SMS)?

Our solution allows you to send and receive text and image messages using your business phone number. The US wireless carriers have implemented registration requirements, limitations and fees for outbound text messages to their customers. Customers that wish to use our system for text messaging will need to register and accept these additional fees. Learn more. Dot’s service is intended for conversational text messaging. Bulk or high volume SMS is available at an additional cost.

*Important Details and Disclaimers

Money back guarantee applies to the Base plan only (up to 500 minutes).

Applicable federal and state taxes and fees will be added to your monthly invoice.

Customers with an unlimited extension plan will have an unlimited number of minutes to use with their primary extension. Customers can create as many additional extensions as they want. Those additional extensions will have 500 minutes of use without incurring additional minute fees.

All plans are subject to fair use restrictions. For more information refer to the Terms of Service section 1.5.
Minutes in excess of the Base and Plus plan limits will incur overage fees.
Each additional text sent and received that is over your allotted plan will incur a $0.005 fee.

Though we make the best effort to present the latest information, our company will not be responsible, in any way, for the unavailability of information not intimated to us. We humbly suggest that you visit for the latest updates and news before making a decision.

Ready to enjoy the ultimate communications solution
for small and growing businesses?

*Important Details and Disclaimers

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Noura S
Noura SDots SPACE Beverly Hills - Wellness
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“ Loved the place as well as the super friendly staff! ”
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Yoni RDots Work Spaces & Private Offices
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“ Amazing space and a great work environment! ”
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