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Mailbox Options

Optional Extras may be added during your setup after checkout:

Three Extra Names (Three already included with Business Mailbox)

Add additional business recipients as needed (could be DBAs or Corps)

$15.00 / month
Mail Forwarding (Monthly already included with Business Mailbox)*

Forward your physical mail weekly to any address in the US as long as it fits in a manila envelope using FIrst Class Postage. Tracking and package forwarding available for an additional cost. Additional forwards beyond weekly are $10/send.

$20.00 / month
Daily Scanning (Weekly already included with Business Mailbox)

Option to get your mail scanned and send same day as opposed to a weekly send.

$40.00 / month

* Business Mailbox comes with Weekly scanning OR Monthly forwarding.

Although we allow monthly payments for your convenience, mailboxes are a 1 year commitment.

USPS requires notarized documents. dots makes the process seamless using a $25 online notary which you pay directly.

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